Angelic April

It's official - Spring is finally underway! 

Although Michele's garden looked beautiful in March's snow, the sunnier days and bright blue skies of April have already brought out some of its hidden gems. Have a look at the flowers and plants that have sprung up.

Michele's new apricot tree is full of beautiful blossoms. Apricots are native to the mountainous regions of Northern China and have been cultivated since 2000 BCE, but are grown worldwide today. The blossoms have a faint, mildly sweet scent.
Also known as glory of the snow, Chionodoxa is one of the first bulbs to flower in spring. The Chionodoxa luciliae has the distinctive blue, star-shaped blooms with a paler centre that can be seen in these photographs. They are delicate but their colour is striking when planted generously as they have been in Michele's border!
This winter-flowering Daphne has been lifting the spirit in Michele's garden and is a wonderful plant when moving from winter into spring. There are many different varieties of Daphne but all have a brilliant fragrance and pretty flowers. Despite having a reputation for being incredibly tricky to grow, Michele's looks wonderful!
Michele's stunning Camellia blooms show why Camellias are among the most glamorous flowers. An evergreen known for their vibrant flowers and glossy leaves, camellias are relatively easy to grow and can look beautiful in shrub borders or in containers - so they're ideal no matter what kind of space you have!
Finally, the plant that tells us all when spring has truly arrived! Their yellow blooms are a cheery sign of spring when they burst up through the soil. The daffodil is the national flower of Wales and they are instantly recognisable with a central trumpet surrounded by six petal-like tepals and sturdy stems. They suit almost any garden and can be grown in beds, pots, and lawns, and are happy with very little maintenance once they have settled in.

We hope you enjoyed this insight into Michele's world!
Thank you for reading from the team at Artisan Alchemy.

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With best wishes from Michele and the team at Artisan Alchemy 😊