Visit Michele's Garden!

Add some colour to your weekend!

Michele's garden looks wonderful in the shift from spring to summer. As we head into warmer weather and a second bank holiday, come and visit Michele's garden with family and friends this Coronation Weekend to see its beauty for yourself!
In 2023, the house and garden reach their centenary. Michele's love of nature has developed the plantsman's garden over the last 40 years whilst maintaining its original 1923 landscape.
There are beautiful blooms as well as modern innovations mixed into the landscape. This green roof of the potting shed is a gorgeous example! Whilst walking through the garden keep an eye out for the many plants that inspire Michele's jewellery designs.
The garden has a lovely pond with bluebells nestled amongst a variety of shrubs and bushes. As some of the earliest flowering plants, bluebells are a beneficial provider of nectar for bees, butterflies and hoverflies.
Michele's camellias looked beautiful at the start of spring and they are still blooming now! As slow-growing evergreen shrubs, camellias can live for hundreds of years given the right conditions. This camellia hedge creates a natural screen and division through the garden while looking - and smelling - amazing.
Despite it's smaller size, Michele's front garden is full of colour too. Her mimosa tree is in full bloom and ready to greet you when you visit! There is also a magnolia nigra, known as the black lily magnolia, which has large, tulip-shaped flowers that are a deep purple-red on the outside and pale on the inside.
This has only been a sneak peek into the wealth of vibrancy and beauty on display in Michele's garden at the moment. Her garden in Birmingham will be open to the public from 12:30pm - 5pm on Sunday 7th May as part of the National Garden Scheme, with all money going to charity. Please visit the NGS website here for further details.
In honour of this bank holiday weekend for the coronation of King Charles, please enjoy this photograph of Michele being presented to him at the opening of the RBSA Gallery in 2000!

We hope you enjoyed this insight into Michele's world!
Thank you for reading from the team at Artisan Alchemy, and Michele looks forward to meeting you on Sunday.

As always, if you would like to commission an extra special piece of jewellery or furniture, please do get in touch - email or call 0121 233 1186.

With best wishes from Michele and the team at Artisan Alchemy 😊