Seigaiha Sake Box


This Seigaiha Sake Box retains a unified form when both open and closed. When closed the box has a minimalistic cuboid form. Once opened the curved doors pin to the sides to create continuous curved lines forming the iconic Japanese Seigaiha wave shape.

The interior is made from Richlite, a compressed paper material, with a handmade patinated mirror. The exterior is made from hand crafted laminated brown oak veneer to create a grain that follows the Seigaiha pattern of the box when both open and closed as well as flowing over the sides. Some of the layers of the veneers had been subtly fumed to create a gradient in the veneers gradually getting darker as they get closer to the black interior.

Materials: Richlite, Brown Oak Veneer

Dimensions: Approx. L 152mm x H 203mm x D 152mm.

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