Design Focus: the sea-inspired work of Erich Fichtner

Our fine furniture design series showcases the work of a single designer. Meet Erich Fichtner, an American designer and maker who moved from the luxury yacht market to domestic commissions, and has never looked back...

Fine furniture design Erich FichtnerSerendipity Chair Reflecting the designer’s background in producing furniture for luxury yachts, the free flowing lines of this extraordinary chair, together with the beauty of the French olive ash, combine to produce a unique showpiece. The chair is constructed by a process of stack lamination, whereby a number of separate pieces are meticulously dowelled and glued together to form the basic structure, which is then carved to achieve the final shape.Fine furniture design Erich FichtnerCoffee Table The surface of this unique piece is made from a single specimen piece of French olive ash, which has been “book-matched” to produce the symmetry seen throughout. The table’s underside is constructed from ash that has been scorched and dyed to provide a contrast in both texture and colour to the top and end surfaces.Fine furniture design Erich FichtnerLadies Stool Constructed from ash and Irish elm, this delicate yet robust stool was designed to capture the grace and assertiveness of today’s woman. The joinery is done with dowels and glue, reinforced with screws to insure durability. The stool is also available in ash with a black walnut seat.

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