Buying bespoke... a guide to fine furniture at Artisan Alchemy

Bespoke furniture, like Fine Art, says as much about the owner as it does about the artist or designer-maker behind the work. You buy bespoke because you love good design. You want something original, something to last generations… a piece that will be a talking point at home for your family and your guests. You appreciate the skill of the furniture maker and have a keen interest in detail. You may be a collector. Or perhaps you are completely new to bespoke... if you're wondering what it involves, essentially you are buying custom-made design that is guaranteed to suit your home, because the maker has considered your needs and done much of the problem-solving for you! Away from the high street and mass production, you can find something truly unique at Artisan Alchemy. When you buy from us, you are supporting traditions and practices going back centuries. You are buying history in the making. Artisan Alchemy is a bespoke furniture and jewellery gallery based in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter

Why bespoke?

Furniture needs to be functional, but it can also be beautiful, one-of-a-kind, unique. As one of our designers Dan Morrison observes
'A table at John Lewis may command one price, but with bespoke, you are getting a handmade and finished design in solid hardwood, and you can see the difference. Once people know that, they do appreciate it, and they want to be able to tell the story of a piece, once it is home.’
If you start to see bespoke furniture in the same way that art collectors see art, then your purchase becomes more than merely practical. You are enhancing your life, bringing something into your home that you will get pleasure from every day. Furniture has meaning. It becomes part of the creation of memories, something to treasure.

Timeless appeal

Michele White, owner of Artisan Alchemy, says:
'You are getting an individually designed piece made by a craftsperson in a small workshop. Apart from one maker in Ireland, all our makers work in the British isles and wherever possible use sustainable timber. 'Because of the way our makers work they are very happy to work to a client's specifications to make an entirely new piece based on one of their designs. They can tweak the size or the wood finish of one of the pieces we have in the Gallery. 'We pride ourselves on stocking only the best UK designers. You are guaranteed innovative, often award-winning design when you buy from us.'
So why limit yourself to the fads and trends of the high street? Buy a piece that will be loved by generations to come, and that will prove a real talking point in your home.
Artisan Alchemy is a bespoke furniture and jewellery gallery based in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter Coffee table by Anthony Gray

Discover bespoke fine furniture

If you are a lover of good design, someone who appreciates the best of British craftsmanship, a visit to our showroom in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, will be worth your time. We stock a fantastic range of award-winning designer-makers blending influences from around the world, all of whom are producing pieces that in years to come will be seen as classics. Visit soon to see top designers including:

Hugh Miller...Suzanne Hodgson... Irene Banham... Erich Fichtner... Dan Morrison... Sarah Christensen... Anthony Gray... Armando Magnimo... Anna Rennie... Edward Wild...

and many, many more. Our designers have won national and international awards for their work.
Artisan Alchemy is a bespoke furniture and jewellery gallery based in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter Desk by Hugh Miller
Bespoke furniture is designed with you in mind, with all the skill and attention to detail that being a master of your craft can bring. Visit soon and see some of the best designer makers on show in our exclusive gallery.

Visit Artisan Alchemy in the Jewellery Quarter

Artisan Alchemy is a bespoke furniture and jewellery gallery based in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter

Artisan Alchemy is a contemporary gallery in the Jewellery Quarter district of Birmingham. The area boasts the largest community of designer makers in Europe. The gallery is also host to Artisan Artemy fine jewellery. The Gallery fuses a long tradition of making with innovative modern design. As a result, it’s the perfect day out for design lovers. It really is an artistic hub. We are also dedicated to offering an excellent service so you can choose a special piece for yourself or a loved one. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you either in person or by telephone. Visit soon! The gallery also rents out workshops to local creative businesses. You can view the work national and internationally-recognised designers at Artisan Alchemy, 85 Caroline Street, Birmingham B3 1UP. Learn more about our opening times here.